Available .BD Extensions

Domain Extensions

BTCL currently does not allow registering a domain directly under Dot BD. That must be a subdomain under several Dot BD extensions. For example "abc.bd" for a certain company "abc" is not allowed. But a domain of the form "abc.com.bd" or "abc.net.bd" is valid.

Presently com.bd, co.bd, edu.bd, ac.bd, net.bd, gov.bd, info.bd, tv.bd, sw.bd, org.bd, mil.bd sub domains are available. But "gov" and "mil" sub domains are reserved for "Government" and “Defense" organizations respectively. Registration of domains under such domains should be initiated by appropriate authority.

Here is a table for extensions, areas and Registration qualifications:

Domains and Subdomains Areas Registration qualifications.
.com.bd Commercial Organizations or individuals.
.edu.bd Educational sector Educational institutes.
.co.bd Commercial Organizations or individuals.
.ac.bd Universities Universities and other Academic institutions.
.net.bd Network Networks.
.gov.bd Government Administration, Legislation, Judicature and other Government-related websites only.
.info.bd Information Service Organizations or individuals.
.org.bd Organizations Organizations.
.mil.bd Military Military and Military organizations only.
.tv.bd BroadCast Organizations or individuals.
.sw.bd Technology Technical Institutes, Software Firms or individuals.
.বাংলা Any Any.